Thursday, August 5, 2010

Yorktown Beach - Jonathan

Jonathan is very afraid of the water. I've worked hard at trying to get him to relax and enjoy the water, but he is genuinely afraid. He played a little in the sand, but wouldn't go near the water. Jonathan really tries to make the best of any situation. He really isn't much of a complainer. So, he played in the sand with all the sand toys we brought and got really, really hot. It was a very hot day!


  1. I love to see when they go from fear to excitement and start to enjoy it. Hoping he hits that soon so that he can enjoy the water on those hot, hot days!

    I love the second picture--he has a face like "ok mom, I'll stand here so you can take my picture but I really want to play in the sand!!" :)

  2. So, my question is..... how did Rosalie like it? You sure did have your hands full that day!