Friday, August 13, 2010

Bigger Hearts For His Glory - Martin

Martin started 3rd Grade this year!!!
I think I might be more excited than him. I have grown to love Heart of Dakota so much and each year gets more and more involved and more rich with wonderful literature. You can tell just by this picture how many more books are included with this guide than in the guide that Aaron will be doing this year.
Martin will be doing the following this year:
(we'll be using the Heart of Dakota, Bigger Hearts for His Glory teacher guide)
Singapore 3A and 3B Math
Rod and Staff English 3
Cheerful Cursive
Hymns for a Kid's Heart Vol. 1 (not pictured)
8 Read Alouds - from 8 different genre's of literature
Drawn into the Heart of Reading - Level 2/3
(this reading curriculum covers all of the genre's of literature - he will be reading 1-2 books from each genre and working on various types of comprehension activities along with diagramming and outlining)
He has 4 History books - (which are living books in the Charlotte Mason tradition)
6 Science books (also in the CM tradtion)
Science Notebooking
History Notebooking, Activities, and Timeline
Composer Study
I have spoken of the reasons that we homeschool here, and I stand by those reasons ... but one thing I didn't really speak about in our philosophy of homeschooling is that I LOVE teaching my children! I can't imagine handing over that privilege to anyone else. I love the wonder in their eyes as they grasp a concept. I wouldn't trade those moments for anything in the world. I am enjoying the children so much while also being able to develop deep and abiding relationships with them that are priceless.


  1. Wow--a lot more books than Aaron! My question after seeing all of this is where in the world do you store all of this stuff? I would love to know your organization system to keep all of it easily accessible and not jumbled with the others boys stuff.

  2. When I see that many materials it makes me think I could never handle homeschooling. The concept is very overwhelming to me to begin with and wow...just wow. Great job, Larissa :)