Thursday, August 12, 2010

Little Hearts for His Glory - Aaron

Aaron started 1st Grade this week!! The picture above are all the books and sources we will be using this year. The Teacher Guide that we are mainly using is Little Hearts For His Glory(the red teacher guide middle bottom of picture) - We will use this guide for his History, Science, Art, Geography, Bible, Music, Handwriting,Thinking Skills, and Read alouds.
We will be using Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory (the blue teacher guide middle bottom of picture) for Grammar, Spelling, and Math. Aaron will do the rest of Beyond Little Hearts next year in the 2nd grade along with 2nd grade Math and a supplemental Language curriculum.
He is very excited about the 1st grade and I am too!
We will also be doing a composer study for Classical Music this year. I plan to do that with all 3 of the boys. Since Music History happens to be one of my most favorite subjects EVER, I am especially excited to introduce this to the children!!
Also somewhat new this year is German. I've taught the boys a few words in German over the years, but I've not been consistent at all. This year, however, they will study German each day. We have the Rosetta Stone German and Martin and Aaron both spend about 20-30 minutes each afternoon working on it.


  1. Just curious--what made you choose German or is that a part of the standard curriculum?

    I love that you are teaching them about music cool that they can get that from their talented and knowledgeable momma!

  2. I chose German for several reasons. Foreign Language is not a part of this curriculum. I am just addding that to the program.
    1. I love German. I had to learn the Italian, French, and German Diction because of my Music degree. (I was a Voice principal - and had to be able to sing in those languages, so I needed to know the Diction of the languages) I actually took a full year of Diction for English, Italian, German, and French. German was my favorite. I figured that since I already knew the Diction of the language - I had that in my favor - one less thing I'd have to learn.
    2. If any of our children end up pursuing a PhD (like their Daddy), German is one of the research languages.
    3. I love Germany! I had the privilege of spending some time in Germany and would love to go again one day. The time that I spent there - I actually spent time with the German people. I didn't speak German, so we had to communicate through gestures.

  3. Wow, Larissa! I too am impressed that the kids are doing music history and German. You will help them to advance beyond their years with all you are teaching them!