Friday, January 3, 2014

Essential Oils

I started using essential oils about 10 years ago when my oldest child was about 18 months old. It was at that time, that I was beginning to question everything that I had always known … because now I had a child whose health was of primary importance to me. I couldn't afford to get it wrong! It was 10 years ago that I started thinking about health and nutrition differently than I ever had before. I sought to learn as much as I could about natural health and healing. I had a friend who taught me about essential oils and I began using several different oils for prevention and for healing. The oils that I have used the most over the years are oregano, lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, and melalueca(tea tree oil). I have used those oils faithfully and have faithfully received excellent results. At the beginning, I was so excited about them, that I would talk about them to others. It became clear very early on that most people didn't really want to hear about them. It was just a little too much. I would get blank stares. So, I continued to use the fabulous oils, but stopped talking about it. Recently, I went to a meeting about doTerra oils that opened my mind even more to the use of essential oils. As much as I already knew about them … there was still so much more to learn. I have now added several more oils to my repertoire of oils and use them on a daily basis. 
Interestingly enough, over the past couple of years social media has allowed the word to get out about how beneficial these oils are. The word has spread like wildfire and there are people using essential oils that I would have never guessed would have gone that direction! I've read wonderful testimonials about how the oils have worked for so many different ailments. In my own experience, in the past ten years with 4 children, I've only taken 2 of the 4 children to the doctor for a sick visit. 3 total sick visits in 10 years. 2 of the 4 children had ZERO sick visits in 10 years. (1 of those children is about to be 5 yo - so technically wasn't around for 5 of those years … but she's never had a sick visit!) Can you imagine having 4 children, with only 3 sick visits between the 4 of them in 10 years? 
You can get your hands on essential oils at whole foods stores, health stores, and online, but the quality of the oils is not the best - and quality matters! Not all oils are safe for internal consumption. Not all oils are pure with no added fillers. So, while you can acquire essential oils at health food stores and the like - I don't recommend those oils. I have used several different oils over the past 10 years - and know from experience that not all oils are created equally. I am very pleased with the doTerra oils that we now use and want to tell you all about them too! 
The oils I use the most are:
Peppermint: fever reducer and headaces
Lemon: detoxifier and tastes great in water!
Wild Orange: run directly on belly when my little ones complain of a tummy ache (also detoxifies and tastes great in water!)
Lavender: rub on the feet to help relax, rub on the throat for a sore throat, take internally with lemon and peppermint for allergies, acts as an anti-inflammatory, place directly on cuts and scrapes
Melaleuca: use topically for any type of fungus, put drops in shampoo for itchy scalp and dandruff, a couple drops in water and gargle for sore throat
Frankincense: topically for skin inflammation, internally with on guard and oregano for colds, flu, and other upper respiratory illnesses
On Guard oil blend: apply topically to feet and spine for daily prevention during cold and flu season, take internally with oregano, frankincense for cold and flu.
Deep Blue: topically for aches and pains
Past Tense: topically for headaches
Breathe Oil Blend: topically for asthma attacks, rub on chest, feet, and under nose for congestion and coughs
Digestzen: rub on the belly for tummy aches (I haven't had to use this one very much - thankfully!)
You can also diffuse the oils in the room for health benefits as well. There are so many uses for the oils. I barely scratched the surface!

I am going to post a link to how you can purchase doTerra oils if you are interested, but also will post a button on the side of my blogs so that you can come back later and still get to the doTerra site without having to search out this particular blog post.
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If you would like to find out more about essential oils and how they work click here.