Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Journey to Decision - Part 2

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The Journey to Decision - Part 2
Rich and I were on the same page. Our yes was on the table. We were both spending time praying about whether or not we should actually go to Martinsville. We didn't want to just be the warm bodies that went and joined the mission there just because we could. We wanted to be certain that God was calling us to that specific mission.
It was an ongoing discussion in our family. We talked about it numerous times each day. Our discussion each night as we ate supper was always centered around whether or not we should go. The more we talked about it - the more our hearts began to be drawn to the church plant in Martinsville. Our hearts were changing and growing to love the people in Martinsville and to be burdened for those whom we had not yet met.
Decision time was at hand. We were coming upon a time when we really needed to give our answer. We told the children to keep praying about it and that we would have one final meeting where each one in our family would have a vote. We were given instructions to be ready to vote and give a reason for our vote. Rich and I had been praying for quite some time that God would speak to us through our children and that He would unite our hearts together.
The final meeting day came and Rich gave everyone the opportunity to share their thoughts and then we would make our final decision.
Rosalie said that her vote was - yes - but that she really loved her bed. (We were able to inform her at that point that we would actually be taking her bed with us and all of her stuff - she was very relieved!)
Martin said the same thing he had been saying all along. Yes, we should go - its our job to take the gospel to Martinsville!
Aaron - the one who had remained quiet about it during most of our conversations, had expressed sadness over saying goodbye to friends said, You will probably be surprised to know that my vote is also Yes. We should go. It will be hard, but I think it is what God is calling us to do.
Jonathan - Look, this is the kid that asked to be duct taped to the wall and sold with the house. While we were praying for a unified family vote - we were willing to let his vote slide.
When it was Jonathan's turn to speak - he said - I'm all mixed up in my mind. One part says that yes we should go - but the other part says that we should stay. (I promptly let him in on the secret that the parts of my mind were telling me the same thing! Its so hard to leave what you know and love!)
Rich and I also gave our votes and shared our hearts with the children. We know that this is a hard thing to do - but God has given us a heart to love the people of Martinsville and we need to go and take the gospel!
At that point, Rich called for the vote. Jonathan, without missing a beat, said "Why are we taking a vote we already know the vote is 6 to 1!!!"
I said, "Buddy, there are only 6 of us, what do you mean?"
He said, "I already told you I had two votes!"
We all had a good laugh over that one! I am convinced that it is God's great kindness that unified our hearts - even down to the most stubborn one of us.
This decision was not easy for us. We are mourning what we are going to leave behind. However, we rejoice in knowing that there is work to be done in Martinsville and that we get to be a part of that.

If you haven't already, we would love for you to join us in praying for the church plant in Martinsville. You can click here to sign up to partner with us to pray!