Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Breadmaking Station

That's right . . . an entire breadmaking station!!! I had about 22 inches of counter space in my other kitchen. Here at this new house, I have alot of counter space . . . and an area that is perfect for all of my breadmaking supplies and machines. I am LOVING it!! I made bread for the first time here today . . . and it went remarkably well. Those of you out there who make whole grain bread starting with the grinding of whole grain, know how difficult the process can be and how much tweaking can be involved in order to get a good loaf of bread. I was worried that the new environment would wreak havoc on my bread. However, it did NOT!! I have a new gas stove . . . and it makes a GREAT loaf of bread. My bread comes out even better with the gas oven. YAY!!

And of course, I have to share pictures of my breadmaking station!! The top picture shows the pewter colored kitchenaid mixer on the bottom left and my white grain mill on the right. Above it in the cabinets are my measuring glasses, cups, measuring bowl, bread pans, and breadmaking ingredients. The picture below that shows the mixer and grain mill at the top with the cabinet below housing my very large rubbermaid containers of whole grain. (hard white, soft white, spelt, kamut, and oat groats. I have everything all right there contained in one "station". LOVE IT!!

And here is the final product:

Monday, April 27, 2009

Computer Problems are over

I have spent the last couple of weeks offline because of a computer problem. Good timing on it though, because I was able to get so much more done with the move . . . without having the temptation of the computer calling me!

Computer problems are over and I am almost moved in to our new place. I still have much work to be done. We are so happy here in our new place, though. I will take pictures as soon as we are settled.

We are having our new furniture delivered on Saturday . . . and it also happens to be Martin's birthday. He is going to be 7!!! Where does the time go? I'll have a special post about him later this week.

Rosalie is growing by leaps and bounds. She is adjusting well to her new room. Aaron and Jonathan are doing great in their new room. And Martin has his own space in the bonus area. I'll update more as the week goes on. . .I'll try to catch up on everyone else's blogs a little later!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


You don't have to teach a boy to be a boy! It is an everyday happening at my house to get dressed up as superheroes and sword fight, light saber fight, and arrest one another. Don't tell the older two that I told you this . . . but Jonathan gives them a run for their money. It's not uncommon to find Jonathan chasing the older two down while they are running and screaming that he is going to hit them. Yep, he's a tough little guy that needs lots of training and refining. He's helping to toughen the other two up too!
Jonathan, my toughest one:

and Aaron:

Friday, April 17, 2009

Choosing Curriculum

Every year around February, I start evaluating the school year. How did it go this year? Did the curriculum I chose work for him? Did he succeed in meeting the expectations for his grade level? I started early this year because because Rosalie was due in February. I wanted to have it all ironed out and decided before she was born, since I would have my hands full once she was born.
So, I evaluated and made all my plans. I was completely decided and ready to go before she was born. And since she was born I have already changed my mind about my "decisions" twice and going on my third change of mind. I love homeschooling and am totally committed to it, but havn't found a curriculum yet that I just absolutely love and want to continue from year to year. This year did not go well. Martin achieved all the learning goals, but the approach that I used just didn't work at all.
I am looking for a more wholistic approach to learning. I am searching for a way of learning that will produce an independent thinker. I don't want to skip all the fun things because of the things that we just have to get done. (But that is exactly what happened this year)
So, I am pretty sure that we are going to go the Charlotte Mason route, which is learning through literature. I have found a curriculum that seems to be a good fit for us. It's called Heart of Dakota. I am going to order the Kindergarten for Aaron and the 2nd/3rd grade for Martin. Martin is a year ahead so I plan on taking the next two years to complete 3rd grade, and in the process cultivate back in him a love for learning.
I am excited about our school year. My heart's desire for my children is to shape their hearts, nurture their developing characters, encourage independent thinking, and educate them a little too! :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

We are moving

That's right!! We are moving to a much bigger place! Since we have lived here in NC, we have been crammed into about a 1000 sq feet of living space and only two bedrooms. We are so thankful and excited that we are going to almost double that amount of space!! What a blessing this house is! We will have 3 bedrooms plus a bonus area that will be the "play area".

The perks for the children: They will have a play area for all their toys and play! There bedroom will be for sleeping and dressing.

The perks for Rich: He won't have to share his office space with our newborn daughter!! His office space is currently our bedroom, Rosalie's bedroom, and his office!! In our new house he will use our bedroom as an office space . . . but during the day it will be all his!!!

The perks for me: HUGE KITCHEN!!! Do you have any idea how many dishes I have broken since I have lived in our current home? We have about 18 inches of counter space . . . and what can I do in my kitchen on a daily basis requires far more than that!!! I spend a lot of time in our kitchen. . .and need far more counter space than what I have! So, dishes have been accidentally pushed off the counter. The new kitchen has more cabinets and more counter space! It also has a HUGE up to my neck bath tub. I have 3 young boys and a newborn . . . this girl needs a little getaway at time! :)

So, we now have the keys to our new house and will be moving over the next week and a half. I see lots of trips back and forth over the next several days!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Introducing my family

I have been wanting to start a blog for some time now. Now is as good a time as any. This blog will serve as a journal to my journey in being a godly wife to my husband and homeschooling mother to our 4 children. It is a journey, indeed! I will also include tidbits of my whole foods, nutrition, and health obsession! I have been married for going on 12 years to Rich. He recently graduated with his PhD in Philosophy of Religion. We are so proud of him!

We have 4 children.

Our oldest is Martin Emery. He will be 7 in only a couple weeks! He is finishing up 2nd grade. He is tenderhearted and loving. He is a wonderful big brother!

Our 2nd son is Aaron Timothy. He is a smart, perceptive, intuitive, and creative child. He is over the moon about his new baby sister. He is 4.

Our 3rd, Jonathan William, is a strong willed, creative, dramatic, goofy, tantrum throwing, terrific, spit-fire of a two year old. Yep, that about sums him up.

And our latest addition, Rosalie Grace. That's right, a girl. 3 men and a little lady. What more could I possibly desire in life? She's a sweet smiling 2 month old. . . and a total blessing to all of us! God is good!