Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chore Bags and Family Quiet Time

Looking through his pictures of chores

Aaron in action as he does one of his chores

Jonathan figuring out what he has left to do

Aaron helps Jonathan once his chores are done

Quiet time baskets

We started our school year yesterday!! Martin started 3rd grade, Aaron started 1st grade, and Jonathan started pre-school. I'll give more details about what I am doing with each each of them later this week.
I am super excited to be back to school. I love, love, LOVE routine. I thrive on routine and my children do as well.
So, along with starting school this week, we have instituted two new things into our morning routine. I started chore bags and family quiet time.
You can go to this blog to read about Chore packs. I copied the idea from her blog.
It is a great system - and it helps the children learn to be responsible without me chasing them around all morning telling them what to do. Win-Win!!!
Our Family Quiet Time starts with Rich reading us a passage from the Bible - then we all sit down with our own Bible Basket and read our Bible's together. We do this for about 15 minutes before we start our school day. The two little ones who are not reading yet have Bible board books, Bible coloring books, and Bible picture books in their baskets.


  1. Love the idea of the chore pack! We thrive on structure and routine at this house too! I love that we both have to have routine to make our homes happy! Can't wait to hear more about school!

  2. What neat ideas! I too am a routine person, and love the structure that it provides to our home! Can't wait to read more about your school lessons too!