Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Big day today!

I still don't have any pictures to share but I do have a few words to share. First - we start our Awana year tonight - and we are super excited about it. This is a big year for the boys! This is a promotion year for everyone! Jonathan is moving up to Cubbies, Aaron moves up to Sparks, and Martin is moving up to Truth & Training! They are all very excited - but they are all quite nervous too. They are nervous because none of them know fully what to expect. The unknown is causing them a little anxiety.
Second - we have run into a little roadblock in our home buying journey, and we are hoping that it will work itself out.
School is going well for us. I am so encouraged at just how well it is going. It always takes me 3-4 weeks to figure out how to run our school day in a way that uses our time the most efficiently. We are in week 3 right now and have figured out several things already that will make our days run smoothly. I always work out a very detailed schedule before we start, but almost always that schedule gets thrown out the window by week 3. Sure enough that schedule has already been thrown out.
Our daily chore system is working out better than I had dreamed, and our family quiet/Bible times have also been a blessing to me! The children have really embraced both well and having the family quiet time really helps to calm everyone down and focus our day.


  1. How exciting for a new AWANA year and that all three boys are getting promoted! FUN!

    Praying the kinks work out in the house and that God opens the door if that is where you are supposed to be!

    So happy that the schooling is going well and your schedule is falling into place (with the chores/family time as well). :)

  2. I was just reading your house news in the last post. It's turning into quite the journey. I will be praying for God's guidance for you.

    Oh and just reading what you are up to makes me even more tired and feel guilty that most of my days are spent on the couch :( Oh well, this too shall pass, right?

  3. My two are so excited about AWANA too!!! Sorry to hear about the house; I pray they are able to resolve the cable issue quickly. And I am so happy that your homeschool schedule is working out so well!

  4. I'm so glad you are finding a bit of a routine that works for you! I know it always takes time!
    How exciting to be starting AWANA- ours doesn't start for a few weeks yet!
    Praying for your house situation!

  5. YAY for AWANAS!! I have a question (lol): how is Rosalie doing with playing by herself while you are doing school with the boys? I often think of her when you blog about homeschooling!