Friday, August 13, 2010

Organization - The School Area

I homeschool using the Charlotte Mason Philosophy of education. This requires lots and lots and lots of books! Here is an example of the books required for Martin. (3rd grade)

How do I keep all of those books that we use organized?
Pictured above is my main bookshelf. The top shelf has all of Aaron's (1st grade) and Jonathan's books. The ones that I am currently using for Aaron are laying flat with a couple of them upright. All of Jonathan's books (which there aren't very many for him) are located upright on the far left of the to shelf. The other upright books are all books that we will use during the course of the year, but we haven't gotten to them yet.
The bottom shelf contains all of Martin's books for the year. (3rd grade) The ones that are laying flat on the far right, as well as a few right next to those that are upright are the books we are currently using. All of the upright books to the left of that are books we are not using right now but we will eventually get to those.
I have one small book shelf, an overflow bookshelf for sources and items that I *may* use, and a 5 drawer sterilite cabinet that I use for supplies. i.e. crayons, pencils, index cards, construction paper, folders, notebooks, scissors, glue, and misc.
This is a view of the entire school area.


  1. Hey I should ask questions more are a woman who produces answers FAST! HAHA!!
    Thanks for the picture! Love seeing your school area!

  2. Our version of Charlotte Mason is streamlined (I'm not very good at organizing so having as many books would be disasterous here, lol.) Your space is very neat. I've had to school out of tubs for a good 5 years, but this year I got a cubed shelf from Big Lots and a bookcase as well. I feel soooo much more organized, as everything truly has a place now. Like you, I have space for current books we'll use for the year, and seperate space for supplemental materials. Love seeing what others have done. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love your school room! What a great room where so much learning is taking place!

  4. How did your first week of school go?? You sure do have every planned and organized well.