Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Healthy Alternatives - Sloppy Joes

I have a vague memory of sloppy joes. It seems like I may have had it once or twice as a child - but my memory, vague though it is, was not at all favorable.
However, I stumble upon an online conversation about sloppy joes, and started thinking that I could totally make that into a yummy whole foods meal. I had a feeling that sloppy joes could be a very kid friendly meal. So, I took on the challenge ... and this is what I came up with. I have only made it once, however, so tweaking will come. On this particular night, I made homemade spelt/hard white buns, *organic corn, and **grass-fed beef with onions and the "special sauce".
The sauce:
1 Cup of ***organic ketchup (we happen to think Heinz is the best there is)
1 1/2 heaping teaspoons of prepared mustard
1 Tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar
1/4-1/2 teaspoon of powdered garlic
1 heaping Tablespoon of BBQ sauce (the kind with NO HFCS)
I threw in a little bit of filtered water to thin out the sauce a bit.
I sauteed 2 lbs of grass fed beef with minced onion (1/2 of a small onion chopped finely)
I mixed up the sauce seperately and added it to the sauce when the meat was done browning.
What an incredibly easy whole foods meal!
Also, I chose to make sloppy joes on a day that was already a planned breadmaking day. So, it didn't require anything more of me than usual. Because freshly baked buns are so incredibly awesome . . . I would only make this meal on a day that I am already making bread. I always make two loaves at a time. So, I divide the dough in half, and knead it into a loaf. The other half I use to make about 14-16 buns.
This would freeze well - for those of you that do freezer meals - you can make this ahead and freeze it!
The children loved it! SCORE!!
*organic corn - has not been genetically modified
**grass-fed beef - cows that have not been given antibiotics, hormones, and eat a diet of grass and hay as opposed to corn and soy.
***organic ketchup uses evap. cane juice instead of HFCS


  1. I love sloppy joes and Andy is not a huge fan! Of all the things that man will eat--sloppy joes is not a favorite! Looks yummy!

  2. Sounds yummy. Sloppy joes isn't a favorite in our house either, but maybe I'll have to try them again:)

    PS. We love the Heintz organic ketchup too!

  3. What fun to take something that is not traditionally thought of as healthy, and make it that way.
    I have a question about the beef. We just bought a share of a cow that was organic, grass-fed. It is really gamey tasting. I heard that there is a way to soak it to remove that flavor. What are your thoughts?

  4. Larissa - I cannot find a BBQ sauce that does not have HFCS. What do you use? Once I find that, then I can see if it is also gluten-free. But I don't read any further when I see HFCS. Thanks!

  5. Bullseye doesn't have HFCS. However, making the sauce is most definitely the best way to go.