Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rosalie the superhero

In all fairness, we don't have many girly toys around this house. You might be able to imagine why that is. It is very common to find Rosalie running through the house holding a light saber, a rifle, or trying to dress up like batman.
This particular day she wanted to be Bibleman. So, she brought me all the gear, so that I could help her put it on.
I personally think that she is at a great advantage. It's no secret that (I think) toys *meant for boys* are just more fun!
So ... what is your opinion?
Which is better? *meant for girls* toys or *meant for boys* toys?


  1. We have the opposite at our house...many many more "meant for girls" toys. So Zachary typically ends up playing tea party, dolls, etc. over playing with his stuff because after all it is more fun to play with big sis!

    I lean toward the boy toys (a little tom boy at heart though).

  2. That is a good question. Most of what we have are girls toys since I have 2 girls. However, when it comes to cars and trains which I think are typically n"meant for boys" toys, they LOVE them! I can't get either one much into dress-up of any kind, but anything that they can put together and take apart is what they like. Well, that and anything "school", "teaching", or cooking :-)

    I can't say that I have had much experience with "made for boys" toys, so I guess I am not much help :-)

  3. In our house there is no such thing as a girl toy or a boy toy. If you can have fun with it-go for it.

    Rosalie looks like she is having a great time being a superhero.