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Hello there!
About me:  I am Larissa, wife to my husband, Rich and mother to 4 precious and wonderful children! My days are filled with homeschooling, healthy meal and food preparation, cleaning, and loving on my family! Before children, I was a high school  choral director. Now, instead of teaching young people to sing ... I sing to my kiddos instead. I love being a wife and mother and am thankful each day that I have to pour into my children. My desire above all else is to teach my children about the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. We spend lots of time memorizing the Holy Scriptures and reading the Bible together as a family. My days are long, busy, and often tiring ... but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I am thankful for the blessing of a strong marriage and 4 beautiful children.
About Rich:
Rich is my husband of almost 15 years. He is a wonderful father, amazing provider, and caretaker to our family. He is fiercely protective and loyal and would do anything for us. We are blessed that he is the head of this household. He is a professor of Philosophy, Theology, and Ethics and gets to spend most of his days at home with us. He is incredibly busy with his work ... but I am thankful he can do most of it from home. We are blessed! 
About Martin: 
9 years old
4th grade (Preparing Hearts for His Glory - Heart of Dakota)
Martin is a wonderful big brother. He is an incredibly hard worker and most of the time very helpful. He loves playing video games, reading books, riding his bike, and watching our tadpoles grow. His most favorite thing to do is to hunt with his Daddy.

About Aaron:
7 years old
2nd grade (Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory)
Aaron loves helping in the kitchen ... making anything from cookies to our dinner! He also loves music. He enjoys listening to music, playing the piano, and singing. He is thoughtful and considerate ... and has a heart that desires to please others and make others happy. He is quick to be sorry when he does wrong and just as quick to admit it and make it known how sorry he is. 

Pre-K and K work this year - 5 years old
Jonathan is ALL BOY! He is also a little comedian. He loves to keep us all laughing ... and I never know what is going to come out of his mouth! He loves to be outside. He is loud ... and he never stops talking. He is determined. He wants to be in charge more than anything else in the world. He is strong willed. 

3 years old
Pre-school (informal)
Rosalie is pure joy. She is always smiling, laughing, singing, and dancing. She is a girly-girl. She loves all things pink, purple, and pretty. She is strong in character and does not let anyone walk all over her. She can hold her own against her 3 older brothers. She makes us all smile with her girly antics. We have been so used to all things boy around here for so long that her girly ways have really changed the climate of our household. We love our girl so much!

I started this blog to keep a journal of our everyday happenings. I am thankful that I did because not only does it keep our far away family updated on our busy lives ... but it also serves as a memory book to me of the growing up years of our children.

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