Friday, April 30, 2010

8 teeth at one time!

Rosalie is cutting her 4 eye teeth and her 4 molars all at one time. It's painful just to look at her swollen gums. I can't imagine how much it must hurt. One of the eye teeth has cut through, and I am hoping the other 7 will cut through soon. Poor baby! She happens to be holding some homeopathic teething drops in her hand in these pictures.


  1. She knows what she wants to soothe those achy gums...bless her heart! It is so hard to watch your little ones go through that! UGH!

  2. Poor baby! All those teeth coming and she is still always smiling for the camera.

  3. Oh my. Amanda is just now cutting her eye teeth and I promise it seems it has been for months. I am finally seeing the whites under the gums on the bottom. She cut 4 molars quite a while ago, but I think she is getting some more big ones in the back too. I have late teethers! Amanda just turned 2 and Abi didn't cut these teeth as early as Amanda did! I do think Abi's teeth came in like sweet Rosalie's though.... all of those at once.... Sweet girl!!!! Hope she feels better soon!