Monday, April 5, 2010

Visit with the Ingraldi Family

This past week we spent the week in Virginia. We were able to spend one of those days with our dear friends, the Ingraldi's. Rich and Tony thought it would be fun to dress alike. (cooincidence) All of the pictures posted today were taken by their oldest daughter, Caroline. Her website is:
In all the rush to take pictures of Rich and Tony, we realized that Colleen and I were dressed alike too. . . another photo moment.

The children immediately rushed off to play - and they played - and they played - and came out occasionally for food.
Aaron protects the fair princess Emily from the "bad guy", Jonathan.

Aaron is serious about pretend play!!

After lunch we headed outside for the afternoon. The children stayed very busy outside. They were so busy, in fact, that we were able to sit in a swing and have some very enjoyable and quiet conversation. The two younger children even took great naps! The Ingraldi men, Tony and Sam hooked up a pretty sophisticated video surveillance system, so that I would know when the baby woke up. (I have pictures of that to share - but haven't been able to upload them yet to my computer)

I'll just leave you with a picture of my sweet girl, Rosalie.
And just to keep you in suspense. . . tomorrow I will post about what the children were doing outside to keep them so busy.


  1. A visit with old friends is always enjoyable!

  2. Oh what a fun time with friends! How funny that you all dressed alike. But I have to say that my favorite picture was of Aaron protecting the princess...priceless!