Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our day at Soccer

Martin plays in his game ... (he's #4)

And while Martin plays his game ...

Rosalie sleeps ...

Aaron and Jonathan play in the dirt ...
Jonathan loves the dirt!

I think they were building volcanoes ... and trying to bomb each other's volcanoes.

Rosalie woke up and joined us

Aaron plays in his instructional league
I love how much my boys are enjoying soccer. Martin and Aaron both are thoroughly enjoying their experience. However, that said, I probably wouldn't have signed them up this Spring if I had known how hard it would be to manage it on my end. When I signed them up, I had no idea that Rich would be so involved with the Huffman campaign. I assumed that he would be able to help me either to watch the two little ones or take the older ones. Instead, I have had to get the two older ones where they needed to be while also managing the younger two. Saturdays can be pretty stressful! Martin has practice every Monday in addition to Sat. games, so I have been having to juggle the 4 children for those practices as well. Martin's games are either at 8AM, 9AM, 10AM each Sat., and Aaron has his instructional league each Sat. at 11AM. So, there are times we have to go and be there for a couple hours or we have to go and then come home and then go back out there. Wow. As much as I am enjoying their joy and excitement over it - I will not be sad to see this craziness end. Trying to keep the other 3 children occupied while 1 is playing soccer for an hour isn't the most fun I have ever had, but certainly worth it in the end. The pictures above describe what we do on Sat. mornings.

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  1. I only have Dakotah in soccer now but keeping Kaelyn and Zoey occupied is a chore at times. I take all the girls (plus the boy I babysit if he is here) to all games and practices.

    I've given Kaelyn & Leland (boy I babysit) a soccer ball, one of those regular bigger bouncing ball types, bubbles, coloring books & colors as a few things we do. Usually for the games I take along a mini picnic and while Kaelyn and Zoey are busy eating Dakotah is playing her game.