Monday, April 26, 2010

Aaron and girls

Aaron is only 5. However, he sometimes acts as though he is a teenager. He certainly thinks on a level that constantly amazes us. It's quite common for Aaron to find a girl to follow around everytime we go to a park to play. He's only 5. I said that already, I know. We recently met some friends at the park, and Aaron left in tears. Why? Because he loves his friend, *****, but she doesn't love him back. Hmmm, really? So, I tried very hard to be sensitive while not trying to encourage the behavior. I asked him how he knew it, and he told me that he was pretty sure that another boy asked her to be his boyfriend and that she said yes. Again, really? Have I mentioned that he's only 5?
So, we leave the park, and Aaron is in the back of the van crying. He says, "my life is ruined." (at this point, I'll admit that I had a very difficult time not laughing . . . if that makes me a bad mom . . . well, you just try to hear that coming out of your 5 year old boy and try not to laugh . . . then get back to me) We get home, and everyone piles out of the van, and Aaron collapses in my arms and says, "this is the worst day ever!" (DRAMA!) So, I hugged him and moved on.
I really felt the need to put this all in writing, because it's just one of those things that I'd like to tell him about later.
On a side note, Aaron can't believe that Martin only wants to invite boys to his birthday party. I overheard them talking about it, and Aaron said, "are you kidding? why wouldn't you want to invite any girls?" And then he proceeded to list all the girls that he'd invite if it was his party.
I am in trouble.


  1. The ladies man! Thanks for the giggle this morning! I needed it! You are in trouble! HA!

  2. oh my goodness can I just say that I LITERALLY laughed out loud!!!

  3. Love it!!! Definitely a little "romeo" on your hands!