Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to Martin

We celebrated Martin's 8th birthday yesterday. We opened presents, went to church, had a special birthday lunch, took the children out for a rare treat of ice cream, and went to the park.

Martin is usually the last one up each day - but he was up bright and early on his birthday! We opened presents right away!

This was from Rosalie - a small truck lego kit
She liked shaking it!

More legos . . .

He started working on this after lunch . . . and finished it at around 9PM. (We took a break in there to take him out for ice cream and to the park)

This particular set is from the Creator series - and it comes with 3 sets of house plans - so he can make it differently each time.

The garage opens and closes - and notice the basketball hoop with the basketball down on the floor. Too cool! (He asked me why that orange lego was supposed to go there . . . he had no idea it was supposed to be the basketball!)

With the roof off you can see the stairs. Look closely at the red mail box . . . the letters can be pushed through and the land inside the house. Awesome!

Martin had a great day today. I am so thankful for that boy. He has brought so much joy to me! I can't believe he is already 8 years old!


  1. Happy Birthday Martin!

    Martin is such a sweet boy~truly a blessing to his family!

    It looks like he had a wonderful day. And wow, legos have come a very far way since I remember them! I guess I need to get informed on the lego world as my little man will be there one day (mega blocks are currently a favorite).

  2. 8? Wasn't he just 2 and you were pregnant with Aaron?
    Happy birthday Martin!!!

  3. Happy Birthday!!! What a great day!