Monday, January 17, 2011

Mom's Heart Conference

I am very excited that I am going to get to attend the Mom's Heart Conference!! I am thankful that for the two days that I will be occupied with this conference, that Rich is going to hold down the fort at home.
I am thankful also that my friend, Shannon is going to go with me. I am looking forward to spending time with other Mothers who have devoted their lives to nurturing the hearts of their children and cultivating in them a love for Jesus. I am excited about learning from mothers who have been where I am and live to tell about it!
If you live in one of the 4 areas across the US where this conference is taking place ... check it out ... it may be just what you need!

1 comment:

  1. Oh Larissa, I wanted to go to this conference so badly! I went a couple years ago when she was here...AND LOVED IT!!! Sally is so genuine, real, and encouraging! You will have a fantastic time, and should something in our schedule change, I hope to be able to join you!