Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Martin's latest lego set

Martin can sit and do legos for hours. I am amazed at the patience he has to work on a project from start to finish. This particular lego set has 592 pieces. He started working on it when he woke up this particular day ... had a couple of breaks factored in throughout the day for meals ... and finished at about 7:15 PM. Occasionally I will sit down with him, look at the instructions and try to do a few pieces with him. He looks at the instructions and instantly know how the pieces go together. I have to orient the picture this way and that way ... orient the legos the same way as the picture ... and eventually I can figure out how the pieces fit.
I guess you could say that legos just aren't my thing. They are definitely Martin's thing, however!


  1. Legos are so much fun! That's a pretty neat aircraft he put together.
    I wonder if my kids will end up liking legos? What age did you start him on them?

  2. He's only been doing them for a year or so. Even at 6, Aaron's age, they can be somewhat complicated. Aaron has a hard time following the directions exactly and needs a lot of guidance. I suppose if I were to sit down with Aaron and guide him more, he'd catch on more quickly. Martin will sit down with him ... but Martin always ends up doing it for him.

  3. I can remember my brother doing Legos for years growing up! He'd love to build all sorts of things, just like Martin! I can't wait until Nathan and Samuel can start building things like this!