Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Little Curls

For those of you out there that only get to experience our family in pictures ... or for those we don't get to see nearly as often enough - I have to share with you what is behind my seemingly bald baby girl's head. On the surface ... it may seem like she has no hair ..

... but indeed, the girl has hair. She has precious little ringlets that hang from the back of her head. Yes, I spend way too much time trying to straighten my own hair ... which gets curlier and curlier the older that I get ...
However, as much as my "curly" hair makes me crazy ... is how much I adore Rosalie's curly locks!


  1. you are right! I never would have guessed it! I love her little curls. E & P both had ringlets like that and I let little Penn's stay on his head much longer than my husband would have liked :) Baby curls are just so cute!

  2. PRECIOUS!! Love her little ringlets!

  3. I love her curls too, so much so that I just had to come over and feel them at church on Sunday:) She is so beautiful!