Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jonathan can write his name!

I started "preschool" with Jonathan last August when we started our school year. We did about 4-5 weeks of it before we started getting ready to move, and I admit that I decided to let that part of our day go. There was too much to do and since preschool is not really necessary, we let it slide. Jonathan really enjoyed doing while we were doing it. He surprised me in that he was a very motivated learner and a lot more focused than I expected him to be. He's my "all boy" child. He's my child that plays all day without stopping. He's my child that would be happy if he could spend the entire day in the dirt. I didn't think for a moment that he'd also be so studious as well. At this point my day is full of 3rd grade, 1st grade, and keep Rosalie out of trouble. So, preschool is going to stay on the back burner until further notice. However, Jonathan, (completely on his own) has developed an intense interest in writing letters. He learned to write his name! I am super excited about how easy it seems to come to him. Both Martin and Aaron struggled a great deal with handwriting, but Jonathan not only doesn't struggle - he LOVES it!

So, even though I am not doing "formal" preschool with him. We do spend some time every now and then working on his letters. He also soaks up quite a bit just listening to the lessons I teach his brothers.


  1. Good for Jonathan! Such a smart little guy...he and Natalie would make quite a pair as she loves to write as well and can print her name!