Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"cause, said so"

Rosalie floored me the other day when I asked her, "why?"

Her answer was completely unexpected! She said, "Cause, said so!"

Really?? She's not two yet!! How can she possibly be saying these words to me?

Well, I had to get her on video saying those words. So, yes, this is somewhat engineered - but I really wanted a memory of her saying this ... and proof too.
She amazes us everyday. I am not used to this "girl" attitude at all!


  1. OH MY!!! I LOVE IT!! Too stinkin cute!

  2. LOL!!!!! That's what my answer is going to be around my house from now on...."cause...said so."

  3. Ok - so now do you know what I was going through with Eliana as a baby/toddler?! :) Just wait to see what she will come up with next! I tell you, there are some days that make me think Eliana is already PMSing.....ahhhh!

    Oh, and she is way too cute!!!!