Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Star

Last week, I went out by myself. On the surface, this may not seem like such a big deal.  But let me assure you...it was.  It was a gift.  I left home mid-afternoon and didn't return until after 9 PM. I went to stores that I wouldn't ordinarily visit. I took my time walking around the stores.  I even sat in Panera Bread, sipped some coffee, ate a salad, and blogged on my computer. I spent precious time at a used bookstore pouring over books that I knew my children would love to read. It was renewal time for me. I am so thankful that  I was able to do it!
The children were okay about me leaving the house without them, but they weren't super excited about it.  Jonathan assured me that he would love to go visit home stores with me, and that it wouldn't be boring at all. He went on to tell me that all he had to do was put his shoes on and he'd be ready to go.  (oh, how I adore him!) Rich had other plans for the children, though. He took them out for dinner (a pretty rare occasion for our children) and bought them a snack that I would have never bought them and they had a fantastic time with him. When I got home, he told me that the children were so well behaved and that they had a really great time.  He went on to say, that the reason he enjoyed it so much was that he got to be the star. What an interesting concept! Usually, when we all go somewhere, it's all about me. The children fight over who gets to sit next to me, and they are all over me the whole time. Since, I wasn't there it was all about him. He liked that a lot! It was a win-win situation all the way around. I was so relieved that everyone had a good night. I was especially glad for Rich that he was able to bond with the children and enjoy himself in a way that (although unintended), is usually reserved for me.
I am a thankful woman...on so many levels.
...thankful that my husband works so hard
...thankful that my children love him so
...thankful that our family is together 90% of the time
...thankful that even when I don't get to steal away for a few hours that I can still say that I am richly blessed.


  1. I've never thought it that way either. Truly a win win! Glad you were able to get in some "you" time. :)

  2. So happy that you got some time to be refreshed and he got some "Daddy-time" with the kids!

  3. Sounds like a win/win night for both you and Rich!

  4. Beautiful post! Sounds like a great situation for everyone!