Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!

A recap of 2011
*Rich celebrated his 40th birthday*
*Rosalie entered her terrific 2s*
*Martin turned 9 entering his last year of the single digits*
*Martin and Aaron completed 1st and 3rd grade*
*Jonathan started school and turned a WHOLE HAND*
*We got to spend lots of time with family in VA this year*
*We got to spend some time with family in PA - and got to spend lots of time with Rich's sister Lisa and our niece and nephew this year*
*We went on a wonderful trip to Disney World and made lots of happy memories*
*Rich had plenty of work to keep him busy and provide for us*
*Aaron turned 7*
*Rich finished his book that will be published and available summer of '12*
*Rich took a 2 week hunting trip to PA*
*Larissa and the children took a 1 week trip to Nashville*
We have had a really great year.  We have had ups and downs just like every other family does.  We are thankful for the blessings of children, family, friends, work, and home.  

Fall 2010

Fall 2011 - Look at how much they've grown!

We are grateful for a year full of growth in loving God, loving each other, and loving others.  We look forward to another year of growing in Christ, and growing in our love toward others.  Happy 2012!

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