Thursday, January 19, 2012

Look what I found at Rest Time!

I sent the children upstairs for rest time the other day, while I worked on a few things downstairs. The entire house was very quiet, so I assumed everyone went to their places to rest. Once I finally made it upstairs, the above picture is what I found. (Yep, I raced downstairs to grab my camera to capture this adorable memory) What is underneath those covers?

Why it was Jonathan and Rosalie playing the Vsmile! Jonathan and Rosalie  are the best of buddies. They stick closely together throughout the day - especially when I am schooling the other two. They play together and help each other. Separating them for rest time ... isn't always an easy thing to do. It's a pretty common occurrence for me to come upstairs to check on everyone and find Rosalie and Jonathan ... playing (Oh So Quietly) in the same room.
We have days when it seems as though it's just one argument after the other and I feel as though I am going to go out of my mind ... but for the most part, they are the best of friends.
I instituted rest time to give each one of us a break from each other. We are together 24/7. Sometimes we need alone time - and Rest Time provides that. I do treasure the days when the children can't seem to bear being apart even for just one hour!

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