Friday, October 28, 2011

Zoo Trip

A couple of weeks ago (or so), we went to the zoo with our dear friends, the Dew family!
It's hard to believe there are 8 children among our two families!

I tried to get a shot of them looking at the camera, but it didn't quite work out.  I like how it turned out anyway!
I especially love Nathan's sweet smile in this picture!
My carefree girl!
What is she thinking?

Love this sweet picture of Aaron!

Monkey see ... Monkey do!
Martin was helping this fellow to read a map!
Rosalie is patting Samantha!!  LOVE this!

I love this sweet picture of Rosalie, Natalie, Jonathan, and Nathan holding hands!
I love this shot of Rosalie and Natalie trying their hardest to keep up with the boys!

Aaron with his favorite animal!!
We had a wonderful time checking out all the animals at the zoo while also spending some time with our friends!  We stayed a little bit longer than our friends did ... and took the children to the play area ...
Having a little fun in the playground area at the zoo!
Rosalie loves having her picture taken!
Can ya tell?
My boys are caught in a spider web!
Hanging on a bug's leg!


  1. I like that first photo of all the kiddos by the railing. Poor Rosalie, as she is just the wrong height.....too short to look over the railing like the 'big' kids, and too grown up to look under like the 'little' ones. Thanks for sharing. EZ

  2. We had such a good time with ya'll too! Next time, I hope our kiddos won't fall asleep and we can go to the playground with you!!!

  3. What a fun day!
    -Lauren Faison