Friday, October 7, 2011

Aaron loses another tooth!

I didn't think this tooth would ever come out! It's amazing how long those teeth can be loose before finally falling out. Aaron came running to me after his shower a couple nights ago and told me he pulled it out himself. I sent Aaron on the Tooth Treasure Hunt, and when he found the last clue that contained his tooth, he went to Daddy to exchange it for $1. I love how much these children love this tradition! It's so much fun to watch them search for the clues!


  1. I love the idea of a tooth treasure hunt! How fun! -Lauren

  2. Now I understand what you mean by the teeth being loose forEVER! You might remember Eliana's first one was out the day after we learned it was loose. Now her second one has been loose ever since and the adult tooth is behind it!! Dentist wouldn't even pull the baby tooth - says it will come out when ready. It's not a sight a mom likes to see in her child's mouth.

    Also, she is getting her next set of molars already. Isn't that early? When did Martin get his and is Aaron getting his?