Monday, October 3, 2011

Rosalie is potty learned!!

I have no other choice but to call it potty learned as opposed to potty trained. I've gone through this process now with 4 children. With each child, it felt as though it was the first time I'd ever done it. I always thought that once I went through it with one child ... it would be easier with the next ... since I had experience under my belt. It never really worked out that way for me. Each time, I felt as though it was my first time. With the boys, I had a plan mapped out, a process to follow ... and for the most part the plan went well. Rosalie was an entirely different experience. I knew that it was time to train ... but had no plan in place.
I had just come home from Virginia, and was still trying to adjust to a normal routine, and the only thing I knew for certain ... was that ... while I wanted her to be done with diapers ... I didn't want to spend too much time caring about it.
So, my plan quickly came together. The plan was ... (drum roll) to have no plan. Those of you who know me, have to know that not having a plan is extremely uncharacteristic of me. Amazingly enough, it was the perfect plan for Rosalie. On my end, it didn't really matter to me what she did. If she had successes on the potty ... we threw big parties about it! If she had accidents, we said ... "hey, that's okay, we'll get it next time!" If we needed to go somewhere, I'd put her in a diaper or pull-up, and if she stayed dry, I made a big deal about, if she didn't stay dry ... no big deal! It was amazing to me what I saw happening! She did it all on her own. She started telling me when she needed to go ... I would not make a big deal about it ... I'd just say, "Okay, go on, I'll be right there!" When I had a free minute, I'd go see how she was doing. Within a couple of days, she was going on the potty every single time, staying dry anytime we went anywhere, and staying dry for naps and night time.
I am convinced that the key to success on Rosalie's part was how relaxed and calm her mother was.
The most exciting thing I have to report today about Rosalie is that she is DONE with diapers! Woohoo!!
The most exciting thing I have to report today about me is that I am DONE with diapers after 9 1/2 years of diaper changing! Before you get too excited for me folks ... keep in mind ... it's a little bittersweet! Certainly, it is sweet to be done with diapers. My baby girl is growing up, though...I want to bottle her and all her Rosalie-isms up! She keeps us all smiling! We are blessed!


  1. Congratulations! That is quite a milestone. Perhaps it is time to have another baby.

  2. Wow...impressive! Such a proud little Sweetie!

  3. Since my kids are calling me, I didn't read this whole post but I did want to say that I can't believe you have no more in diapers!!!