Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Enjoying the Butterflies

Do you see the butterfly in the picture above?

All the children wanted to touch them and hold them ... and they eventually did.

Aaron is holding one of the butterflies!

I am pretty certain that Rosalie is pouting in this picture because she wanted to hold the butterfly herself! (and she gets her chance too ... I'll share another day ... in another post)

... and I got Jonathan pouting in this one ... because he too wanted a turn!

He finally gets his turn ... and yep ... all smiles now.

I love how closely he is observing in this picture!


  1. such cool pics! Love the pouty faces! Too cute!

  2. What a fun experience that they will remember forever!

    PS. Sorry that we didn't get to finish talking tonight at the beginning of Cubbies. We must get together soon! Anyway, love you!