Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Our Butterflies

We were so excited several days ago, when 3 of our butterflies emerged! There were 5 caterpillars in each cup, and we had more success with one cup than the other. All 5 of the caterpillars formed a chrysalis in the cup pictured above. However, in the other cup, 1 caterpillar died before forming a chrysalis, 2 of them started forming one and died before it was complete, and the other 2 did form a chrysalis.
We took them out to our deck, and prepared to let them go.

All 4 of the children were mesmerized at the transformation that had taken place!

Even though we all knew (most of us, anyway), that the caterpillars would form a chrysalis, and would emerge many days later as a butterfly ... we were still all amazed at the transformation that happened right before our eyes.
I'll be sharing more pictures throughout the week of each of the children holding and experiencing the butterflies!


  1. God's amazing creation continues to entertain even us as adults! Your children will remember the transformation of the butterflies forever.....thanks for sharing...EZ

  2. thats so cool!!! -Lauren

  3. How neat! I remember doing this in our 2nd grade classroom each year and the kids (and adults) were mesmerized! It truly is an amazing metamorphosis!

  4. Thanks for letting us in on your science lesson...never too old to enjoy a little metamorphosis! Looking forward to more pictures...