Friday, July 22, 2011

Martin won!

This summer we have been going to the library once or twice a week to stock up on books. Since I began "rest time" in our home, I have been intentional about taking trips to the library to stock up on books. Martin and Aaron also go to the summer reading program once a week. The summer reading program has an incentive reading program for the children. Each child puts a sticker on the chart for each chapter that he reads. (there are about 50-55 boxes on each chart) Both Martin and Aaron easily fill out one chart per week with all the reading that they do. For each 5 boxes they complete they get their name entered into a drawing. So, they've been getting about 10 entries per week. Martin won the drawing this past week and won a watch!
I am excited that they both love to read. Martin has read just about every space/astronomy book available at our library. He also loves biographies and mysteries. Aaron also likes biographies and mysteries.
Reading(inside a cool home) is the perfect activity for a stifling hot day!


  1. Yay Martin! What a great summer incentive!!!

  2. LArissa,

    I saw this and thought of Martin: