Thursday, July 21, 2011

Enjoying our "new to us" grill!

A friend of Rich's found a grill at the dump that looked as though it had barely been used. He took it home with him and discovered that the starter was broken. He fixed the starter and called Rich to tell him that he had a new grill to give us! We gladly accepted! We have had a grill on our wish list for sometime now, but with everything else on our list it kept being pushed back. I sure can't complain about a free grill!
We have already used it numerous times and are so excited about it! The first time we used it we cooked up some deer tenderloin. I am so glad that I saved the deer tenderloin for the grill. They were delicious! All 6 of us loved them. We've also had BBQ chicken and burgers on the grill.


  1. Yay for a new to you free grill!! WOOHOO!!

  2. We love our grill! It was a father's day present to Jamie about 7 years ago and has held up great. You just can't beat the taste of meat from a grill...especially in the summer time. And yay for a free one for you!!!