Monday, July 18, 2011

A first ...

Martin and Aaron had their first soft drink. I knew the day would come ... and I actually struggled with the decision. Martin asked several times, and I finally decided to let him have it. You know I had to take a picture of this momentous event! Martin chose to have a caffeine free coke. (okay - so I drew the line at caffeine ... certainly the amount of sugar is good enough to have him bouncing off the walls, right?)

What did Martin think of it? He said that it burned his tongue. He drank about half of it and wanted to be done. He hasn't said another word about it.
Aaron approached me a little later in the day and asked if he could try one as well. So, he chose a Sprite ... and didn't seem to be all that crazy about it. His comment was that it was sour.

So, how does a kid get to be 9 years old without ever tasting a soda? It was only about 2 months ago that he chewed his first piece of gum. It was only a month ago that he ate his first Dorito. Aaron had his first Cheeto. Eventually, my children won't have someone around to make their food choices for them. Hopefully, over the years of being exposed to delicious and nutritious food, they will desire them as they grow older and begin to make their own choices. So far, they are not too impressed with the gum and soft drinks. (although they do think that Doritos and Cheetos are pretty awesome!)

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  1. That's great! I've given my kids some natural soda and they don't like it. They say it's too bubbly. We haven't done gum yet.
    keep up the good work!