Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Big Red

We see hot air balloons all the time flying in the sky out where we live. It's fun to watch them from a distance. Last week, this particular hot air balloon was flying very low over our neighborhood and then much to our surprise ... landed back behind our house! At first I thought that something had gone terribly wrong, and they needed help. After they landed, we realized that they had to land because the sun was going down. They never know where they will land, they just look for an open space. Another person follows them around using a GPS system to keep track of them. So, it was a matter of minutes before the van was driving up to help them. Our entire neighborhood came out for the event. The people who owned the hot air balloon talked to the crowd, answered questions, and handed out business cards. Then they packed up the balloon and headed out. What a fun night. Rosalie and Jonathan were already asleep in bed ... Martin had just finished his shower ... Aaron was in the shower. Martin got to see the air balloon land. I ran up to pull Aaron out of the shower, so that he could see it too.