Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Tank Cake

Martin had his very first "invite friends" birthday party this past Saturday. We had it at our house and made it a soldier theme. I made Martin a US Army tank cake. It is most definitely one of the most fun projects that I have ever done! I made a vanilla rectangle cake for the bottom layer. It's a wonderful vanilla cake recipe that I got from my friend, Janet. If you need a great cake recipe, let me know, and I'll email it to you.
The top two layers were chocolate. (another great recipe, if you make "from scratch" cakes) The middle layer is a circle with the two sides cut off - giving it an oblong shape. The top layer is a circle cake that I cut into a much smaller circle.

Next step was putting the green frosting on the cake, and the "Newman O's"(similar to Oreo's but made with organic ingredients) cookies on the side for the wheels. I used chocolate flavored twizzlers for the tracks.

I broke a cookie in half, and used one side of the cookie for an opening hatch. We placed a soldier in the hatch.

Rich pushed toothpicks through the long twizzler that we used for the main gun on the tank, stablilizing it and keeping it sturdy.

The two stars on the side were candles. I found lots of pictures online that gave me this idea. I used the ideas from the pictures that I found and came up with a creation that worked for us.

I'll be posting more about Martin's party later this week. We had a really good time and made some great memories!


  1. That looks amazing! I bet it tastes so yummy.

  2. "That is a really awesome cake" says my 12 year old son.

  3. Wow, Larissa! That's definitely a cake to be proud of! Looks great and sounded so yummy too! Can't wait to see pictures of the soldier party. I think that's a great theme:)

  4. Great cake!!!!! I'm sure Martin went crazy when he saw it!

    I smiled when I saw the computer in the background of one of the pictures - I've done that so many times as well. Don't you just love being able to make a cake they really want? The internet sure has a lot of info!

  5. What an awesome cake! You did a fantastic job!

  6. Great job!! And I would love the recipes. I usually do cakes from scratch. Actually most things I bake I do from scratch. So much better and so much more fun for the girls too! :-)