Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Statistics about my childbearing years

These are not necessarily interesting facts for anyone to read. This is going to serve mostly as a remembrance entry for me.

Between May 2, 2002 and the present day:

**I have had a baby on my hip continuously for over 8 years.
**I have changed about 18,000 diapers and still going strong.
**I am thankful that most of those have been cloth diapers!
**We managed to keep from spending about $5000 or more on diapers by using cloth!
**I have been changing diapers since May 2, 2002. . . and have always had my next baby before my previous baby was out of diapers.
**I practically diapered 3 of my children without cost - other than laundering.
(I made all the cloth diapers and for every 4 that I made, I sold 2 of them - which paid for the cost of the supplies of making them)
**I was pregnant for 39 months total between August of 2001 - Feb. 2009
**I nursed 4 babies for 66 months(5 1/2 years) . . . and am still nursing my youngest.
**If I am still nursing my youngest baby in August, I will have been nursing or pregnant for 9 years straight.
**I haven't slept in past 7 AM since sometime early in 2002. Not kidding, nor exaggerating . . . and I even consider sleeping until 7 AM sleeping in these days. It has been so long since I have slept until 7 AM, that I cannot remember when it last happened.
**I have not slept a single night through since sometime the Spring of 2002. I imagine that I might never do that again. It's not that I have had babies waking me up every night since then, it is that my Mommy gene just won't allow me to sleep too soundly - just in case I should be needed. (although - for most of that time, I have had babies waking me.)
**Rosalie is the only baby of all 4 of my babies to ever take a bottle, and she only did that once due to an outpatient surgery that I had.
**I am thankful that she only ever had to have one bottle because expressing milk was probably the most torturous thing I have ever had to do. (exaggerated a little, maybe)
**I've had a high chair next to our table for over eight years.
**I've had baby toys and gadgets out and about in my house for eight years.
**I've potty trained 3 boys.
**I've taught 2 boys to read.
**I've homeschooled Martin through the 2nd grade and Aaron through most of Kindergarten.
**I've pulled 7 teeth.
**I've kissed about 20,000 booboos.
**I've given out over a million hugs and kisses per child - I always stop counting after a million! (((LOL)))
**I have smiled, laughed, cried, and prayed more in the past 9 years than I ever have in my life.

**I have a rich and blessed life that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world!


  1. Yes, the life of a mother is one that is selfless and so rewarding! Your children have a wonderful mother who gives so much of herself to them daily!

  2. Boy, you never really think about all that until you write it down. And who says being a SAHM is an EASY job?! Yeah right. It's a lot of work, but worth every moment of it.
    I'm sure way down the road you will look back on these days with fond memories.