Friday, May 21, 2010

My Grandad

Granddad and Great Uncle Earl in Washington D.C. to see the World War 2 Memorial

Great Uncle Earl, Granddad, and Dad


Senator Bob Dole with Great Uncle Earl and Granddad
(Thanks to my cousin Stephen for the pictures)

I am sad to say that my Paternal Grandfather, Arvis Daniels died on Wednesday morning, May 19, 2010. My Granddad has been in and out of the hospital quite a bit over the past few months and has been suffering with some lung issues. He was a fighter, though, and really wanted to live to see his 90th birthday which is June 30th of this year.

I am not sure exactly how to process all of this right now. I am so sad. He was a great man. I remember him as always having a great attitude - always seeing the positive in any situation. I am mostly sad because it has been 3 years since the last time I saw him. My children didn't get the chance to know him. I know that I would be sad no matter what the situation. It's always hard to lose the people you love, but for some reason I think that it might be easier for me if I had had the opportunity to see him and talk to him just one more time.
We will be traveling soon to be with family and attend the services. I will be singing at the service. I sang at the funeral services of 2 of my other grandparents - so this is familiar territory for me. However, that was before I had children. You might be wondering what that has to do with it. Since I've had children . . . the tears tend to flow more freely and easily. I am not sure how "professional" I can be this time around. So, if you think about it, say a prayer that just during those brief moments that I am singing - I can focus enough to sing clearly, and that it will be a time of worship and praise for everyone.
My Dad said that my Granddad was ready to go "home". He said that Granddad told the doctor that he was ready to go "home". The doctor looked confused, and my Aunt Sharon told the doctor that he was ready to go to heaven and be with Jesus. I know for sure that he was indeed ready. He was a fighter until the end - so, if he actually said that he wanted to be with Jesus - then he was most certainly at peace and ready to go.

Also - if you think about it - please pray for my Aunt Sharon. She has suffered much loss in the past couple of years.


  1. I m so sorry to hear about your loss! When is the funeral service? I will be praying!

  2. So sorry to hear about the loss of your grandfather. Imagining him standing at the feet of Jesus praising our Savior! WOW! Praying for you and your family!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your Granddad's homegoing. It truly is a dying grace that Jesus gives when the time is right, and so often they are ready to just go "home." I will be praying for you as you sing too. You did a fantastic job at my Granddad's funeral and will pray the same for yours! Praying for you!

  4. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. My thoughts and prayers will be with you.

  5. Sorry for your loss, Larissa. Will be keeping you and your family in prayer.