Monday, January 14, 2013

Sickness, sickness go away!

This is how we started the week...happy, playing and enjoying dressing up like Minnie Mouse!
This is how the rest of the week went. Rosalie started with a fever last Wednesday(early in the morning around 2 AM) and it hovered at about 103.9 for over 24 hours. I slept next to her on the couch that night, so that I could monitor her fever throughout the night.Thursday her fever was about 101 throughout the day and on Friday it was about 100. Saturday she was completely back to normal.
She did a lot of laying on the couch and a lot of watching television. We'll have to detox from that now that she is healthy again!
I did not bring her fever down. I stayed with her and monitored her carefully while her fever was that high, but I intentionally did not bring it down. This is a great post on why a fever is your friend. Even though, I almost always refrain from bringing down a fever and know all the reasons why I shouldn't bring down a fever ... it's not the easy thing to do. I battle it out in my mother's heart about what I should do. On one hand, I know that if I give them a dose of tylenol, they will feel so much better. On the other hand, I will be inhibiting the immune system response and confusing the healing process. It's a hard choice to make, folks! It's also been my experience that when I bring a fever down, my children start feeling so much better that they start running laps around the living room. The problem with that is that they need to be resting - and the meds have fooled them into thinking they are all better.
If I have a child that has a high fever with severe body aches and a very bad headache that keeps them from being able to sleep, I will give a dose of tylenol. However, we try not to do it and just let the fever run it's course. 

So, whatever virus it is that has been traveling from person to person in our home is hopefully coming to an end. Rich started with a fever on Saturday and I'm hoping that this will be an end to this craziness!
Have you all been staying healthy in this crazy wave of sickness going around the last month?

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