Thursday, January 31, 2013

My almost 4 year old

This girl. She really is a bundle of joy. She is enthusiastic and happy.  She is a pleaser who is easily saddened if I am not happy with her.

She loves her big brothers. She loves to sing, run, and play outside.

Last Sunday morning while she was eating breakfast, I told her that she needed to eat and then get dressed because we were going to church. Her response gave me great joy!
She simply said, "Thank You!"
She loves going to church - she loves going to her class and she loves coming to the worship service - especially the music!
So thankful for this special girl and can't believe we are in the last week of her 3's.
It's just going by so quickly. I pray that I will not forget to cherish all these sweet little moments as she and the boys grow up. I'm so blessed!
Praise God! He is worthy to be praised.

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