Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Even his play is intense!

Jonathan is one intense little boy. There is no wonder that he has been known to fall asleep in strange positions and places. He puts so much energy into everything he does, when he does finally sit still he falls asleep. He doesn't do that as much now that he's getting older as he used to do it when he was younger.
I'm thankful that Jonathan puts his energy to good use (most of the time). It's not uncommon, though, to hear several times a day, "JONATHAN!" Sometimes the sound effects and humming and constant moving get the best of all of us.
He's so full of life, imagination, and energy! Whatever he does ... he does it with everything he's got. When he goes out to play he comes in covered from head to toe in dirt or mud.
His iron will is not the best match for Kindergarten and he is having to learn that to be an excellent leader (which is ultimately what he wants) he has to learn how to be an excellent follower. This is exceedingly difficult for Jonathan. In the picture above he is staging a battle with many of his army toys. He pulled all of this out after he did school earlier this week while I was doing school with the other two boys. It occupied him for quite some time.
He is also super creative with Legos! When it gets quiet in the house, it usually means that Jonathan is occupied with legos. He builds the most creative space ships and other objects with a general set of legos that we have. I love how his mind never stops!
He may challenge me to the very depths of my patience, but he is an amazing little boy and I am thankful for his energy and joy.

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