Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Snow Day

It's pretty unusual to see snow around here ... so even if we barely get a dusting ... these kiddos are going to find a way to make a snowball!

And of course...the favorite part of the whole day is coming inside to drink homemade hot chocolate!


  1. I didn't know that you guys got snow!! That's great, and I'm sure the kids enjoyed it!
    Was it yesterday? We got about 5 more inches yesterday, my kids were outside and got their hot chocolate as well:) And I'm so glad that it's easy to make homemade hot chocolate - the organic stuff is soooooo expensive!

    1. This past weekend we got mostly ice. The weekend before that is when I took the pictures above. It is super easy to make homemade hot chocolate!!

    2. Sounds like some real winter weather this year! Though the ice is no fun at all.

  2. Enough snow to make a big snowball? That must've been alot of work! Love the homemade hot chocolate on a chilly day!