Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Our Trip To Pennsylvania

We went to Pennsylvania last week for our annual 4th of July family gathering. We had a great time hanging out with loved ones, swimming in the pool, and eating some great food!

Martin snapped this picture of us ... it's so cool to have a child that can take pictures of us now! We might actually get to be in some of the pictures now!

This is a classic Jonathan look! I love this strong willed, control freak of a kid!

It took him about 3 days ... but he finally decided to let go of the side of the pool. He's slowly figuring it out.
Martin learned how to dive this year! It's certainly not a perfect dive yet ... but he's working on it!

Gathering around the table chatting ... it was pretty hot the day of the party ... especially for those who weren't swimming!
Rich's Mom and Dad.

Rich's Mom, Aunt Karen, and Uncle Bill

My nephew, Ryan. Ryan is such a fine young man. He makes good grades at school while also being a dedicated and excellent athlete. We were able to go to one of his baseball games while we were there. I am so thankful that we were able to see him play!

Oh boy ... she makes her Daddy and I melt!

Rosalie was a little fish this year! She LOVED being in the water!

Aaron, Martin, and Jonathan never wanted to get out of the water. Aaron and Martin suffered a little with sunburns. They had so much fun, though!

LOVE this picture of my niece, Nicole. She was so sweet with Rosalie. Rosalie just LOVES her so much. Every morning, R wanted to wake her up because she couldn't wait to see her! Nicole turned 11 while we were there ... and we were so excited to be there with her to celebrate her birthday!
Josh was throwing Martin ... (no wonder my kids love our trip to PA so much!)

Even Rich got in the pool this year! Fun times!

Gotta love a teenager who will wear his little cousin's hat!

Our trip was so much fun! The children always look forward to going each year and celebrating the 4th of July with family. It's always special to be with family!

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  1. What a fun trip! Looks like your kiddos especially had a blast!