Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Job Well Done!

We finally pulled the large tub of CD's from Rich's office to upload them.  We have a lot of CD's! I have a huge classical CD collection from my music teaching days, plus all of our other music that we have collected over the years! The picture above shows some of the CD's, but not all of them!

One of the reasons that we've not done this before now is that neither Rich nor I had time to do it. So, we enlisted the help of our computer savvy 10 year old son. It took him about 2 hours a day for about  a week and he had all of our CD's uploaded and now easily accessible on our iPods and phones.

I am so thankful that the job is done and that Martin was able to do it for us!


  1. That is a job! We ripped over 500 CDs at our house and it took me forever. Good job Martin!