Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Aaron and baseball camp

I signed Aaron up for the Bunn High School Baseball Camp. He went from 9AM-12PM each day for 3 days. We found out about it from our next door neighbor and are so glad that Aaron got the chance to do it.
At the camp, he learned in fielding, out fielding, catching, the technique involved with running bases, and hitting. He even got a home run during the scrimmage game they had on the 2nd day. I don't know how far Aaron will go in the baseball journey, but he really likes it and has decided that he wants to sign up for fall ball. So, we'll sign him up and go from there.


  1. Yeah for a home run! Glad he enjoyed it!

  2. He's a strong hitter to have already gotten a home run! Good job, Aaron.

    Little Penn has been asking to do little league. I need to look into it to see if there is an age limit - I have a feeling he is too young. He loves to play catch and hit balls with his daddy. His Papa in PA is big into baseball so now the kids favorite team is the Phillies.