Monday, July 30, 2012

Getting Ready for the 2012-2013 School Year!

The switchover of books from one grade to the next is always quite a job, but with each higher grade the bigger the mess and the longer it takes!

The first step this year was emptying the current book shelves, having Rich repair them from the wear and tear, and building more book shelves to accommodate the hundreds of books we'll be reading together this year.

Stacks of books everywhere piled high, vacuuming up the dust that accumulates behind the shelves and cleaning the areas that I don't get to on a regular basis took about 5 days to get it all done.

The results are worth it, though! The new books are organized, history and science notebooks have been made and ready to go.
Both Martin and Aaron were so ready to finish the school year at the end of June. Only 3 weeks later, I have all their new books on the shelves and they are both so excited to dig into their new books they can hardly stand it!  


  1. The room looks good, Larissa. Looks like we have been doing the same thing recently.

  2. any tips on building bookshelves? we are in desperate need of more here too!