Friday, July 6, 2012

The Books Are Here!

Our 25 pound box of books arrived on Friday. (the day after our last day of school)
Thankfully, my sister used Heart of Dakota's Creation to Christ curriculum guide for oldest daughter, so she has given me most of the books I need for Martin for 5th grade. There were still a few that I needed to buy, though as well as a few things for Aaron, Jonathan, and Rosalie. 
Box day is always an exciting day at my house ... even when the children are excited about having a month off ... they still get excited about new books!

Rosalie is excited to be included in box day this year! I bought her a few basic phonics books that also help with writing. I have no intention of doing anything at all formal with her, but I thought that she would enjoy those books and make her feel a part of the Holland school! 
Aaron can't wait to dig into all the great books that he will be reading this year.
Jonathan is excited to get back into formal school like his big brothers!
Aaron is the most excited that he will be starting to learn cursive!
Martin is begging me to allow him to start reading the books right then and there! I was so happy to see him get excited about his 5th grade math books, considering that math is not his favorite subject! 
Since I ordered a few books that we won't be using next year during the school year, he sat down and started reading those right away.
It's always a good thing to see your children get excited about books and learning!


  1. It's like Christmas in July! How fun!

  2. How fun!! Our new books arrived in May and it made me smile to see how excited the kids were :)
    Aaron - Eliana says that you will have fun with cursive because it was her favorite last year!