Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Visiting Belmont

There is no way that I could make the 10 hour trip to Nashville  and not pay a visit to the very place where I met all of these wonderful friends!  Duffy and I ventured out to our alma mater and were stunned at how different it is today than it was then.  It has grown by leaps and bounds.  We were thankful, though that the middle of campus still had the same familiar look.  Building upon buildings have been added to our campus.  The improvements are amazing!

We had all of our children (plus Duffy's niece) lined up on the steps of our college, and commented on how we never could have imagined that we would be back almost 20 years later with this many children between the 2 of us!

Duffy and I stopped here at these steps to pose for a picture ... the same exact place we posed so many years ago.  (I'll have to try and dig that picture up for a comparison!)

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