Monday, December 19, 2011

Aaron's Birthday Party

I made pre-made a personal pizza crust for each of the children.

Each of the children had a turn at making their pizza exactly the way they wanted it.  I provided the sauce, cheese, and toppings and they built their pizzas.  Once they were finished, I baked them and they were able to eat!

They sat around the table and ate their pizzas.

I loved having these precious kiddos in my home.  They are so special - each one of them - to my children and to me!

Aaron opened presents!

I put a candle in Aaron's cupcake...

...and after he blew it out ... each child chose a cupcake and devoured them in no time flat!  I sent each of them home with some home-made butter toffee popcorn with peanuts.  The children were with us for a few hours and I purposely planned it in a way that allowed for lots of flexibility.  I wanted them to do whatever they wanted to do.  (play upstair with the toys, play the wii, etc.)  It was a fun afternoon/evening with very special friends!


  1. Finally! It worked! I have been wanting to comment on many posts for a while now.

    Aaron's party looked like a lot of fun and the pizza idea was great! Happy Birthday Aaron.