Thursday, October 7, 2010

We are Home!

We have spent the last month preparing to move to our new house. I started early, so that I could be as organized as possible and get every last thing in a box. I spent an hour to two hours on it each afternoon. I am so glad that I did that! When the day came for our move, we were thankful to have a great deal of help and we were able to move all of our stuff here to the new house in only 3 hours. We were so grateful to have all that help!! There were several things that I noticed about this move that made it better.
1. I was determined to purge things that I had not even looked at since we moved to NC. No more hanging on to things.
2. I was determined to put everything in a box.
3. This was the 5th move we've made since 2003, and the first time that I haven't had a nursing infant to deal with during the move. That made a huge difference and I was so much more able to get us moved in an organized manner!
4. This is definitely the first move we've made that has resulted in a permanent place. Wow. JUST WOW! It's a great feeling and we are so thankful to be in a place that we have no intention of leaving ... (unless God calls us elsewhere)
It's very quiet out here in the country. It's dark and quiet! We have not gotten blinds up on our windows yet, and Martin has enjoyed falling asleep each night while gazing out his window at all of the stars. It's amazing how bright the night sky is when you are out in the middle of nowhere!
The children have adjusted beautifully to the new house. I have all of the boys in what we call the boy room, and Rosalie has a room to herself. I also have a bed set up in our school room, so my mom has a room all to herself when she comes to visit!
We are slowly replacing all of our furniture. As I (slowly) get each room settled, I will post a before and after picture. Our new living room furniture comes today. So, after almost a week of living in our new house, we'll finally have a place to sit down!
We are really starting over as far as decorating our house. I am even reframing all of our pictures. So, it's going to take a long time to get all of that done. I do want to say a special thanks to all of my friends and readers who have expressed such joy with me in this home-buying journey! I do appreciate all of your prayers and hugs!
I also want to say a special thanks to Amy for taking my children and watching them for me, so that I could pack and get stuff done. My children love you and I do too!
I can't believe we are finally home!


  1. Yay!! Your home is just beautiful! I am so excited for you! It is amazing living out in the middle of nowhere to gaze at the star filled sky! One of our favorite things to do too!Can't wait to see all the pictures!

  2. Oh Larissa I just love your new house! It is very much the Craftsman style like Leah's and so many others in Georgia...covered front porch, pillars, windows, garage door. I know you are beyond excited and your organization beforehand made all the difference. CONGRATULATIONS, and we sure are happy that you don't plan on going anywhere else:).

  3. I love your new house and am so glad that you have a PERMANENT place that you can decorate just the way you want it!!!!

  4. Your home is beautiful--even your van matches! We can't wait to see more pictures. Actually, I'd rather see it in person. :-)

  5. Yippee! I am so happy and excited for you and your family!! Can't wait to hear more and see pictures.

  6. Congrats!! Your home is beautiful and I can't wait to see all the other rooms of the house all decorated! The living room and kitchen are both great!! I absolutely LOVE your island!! :)