Sunday, October 17, 2010

12 New things - Month 2

My new thing for this month wasn't really something new. I have actually been making meatballs for a long time ... but my new thing for this month was to get really good at it.
I can't say that I have become an expert at it ... but I do think that I have gotten better at it. One thing that we rarely have here at our house is potato chips. It's not something we really include in our diets. However, sometimes when my mom comes to visit, she will bring a bag into the house. So, I took the last of the potato chips, crushed them up, and added them to the meatballs ... and ... (perfectly willing to admit that it may have just been my imagination) I think crushed up potato chips make the meatballs better.
However, I do make meatballs once a week - or almost once a week. I am pretty certain they were not better enough to buy potato chips on a regular basis. (my children might beg to differ)

My family loves meatballs. So, I continue to make them. Maybe one day, I will think they are as awesome as they think they are!

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  1. Those are some mighty yummy looking meatballs...and once a week? I commend you (with or without the potato chips!)